ALBCD 504 – Caruso / Jazzin’ Italian Standards – Luigi Martinale Trio

ALBCD 504 – Caruso / Jazzin’ Italian Standards – Luigi Martinale Trio

ALB 504 - CarusoUsually I don’t sing.
My voice has not been trained for this fine art. But, as a pianist, I realise that the favourite pieces of my repertoire are compositions created to be entrusted to a voice; at the same time when I write I always encounter a song that materializes under my fingers. You could say perhaps that all of this is due to the fact that I’m Italian: they say that it’s very natural for Italians to express themselves via song. Perhaps.

Normally, I’m not a big follower of Italian pop music, but I realise that some of the most interesting and successful melodies sung by pop musicians have become part of my feelings, something that a musician sooner or later must take in account. It was only left to give them that jazz swing and let them sing from my fingers…

For a long time I refused to play Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu: this perfect song, written by Domenico Modugno in 1958 and known all over the world as Volare. It has been interpreted many times in the past, that another new version could not be superfluous. The arrangements that I have written allows me now to play it as if it were mine: an embezzlement…

Pino Daniele is a prodigy: he succeeds to conjugate lyricism, evocative power, Neapolitan tradition and a fine sense of jazz all together. After the first three notes any Italian would recognize the song Quando. A privilege that very few authors have.

Every time I hear Una Domenica Bestiale it takes me back to my adolescence: to interpret this song, a hit by the refined Fabio Concato in 1982, was good for me to relive those years.

Amongst the pieces that I have proposed I promised to also insert something of old: In Cerca Di Te, written in the 1945 is a song that gave a lot to the swing that came from the United States at that time and for this recording I have tried to preserve that spirit.

Lucio Dalla is a prolific author, always profound and never banal. The public loves him and visa versa. Caruso, written in 1986, is his trademark but at the same time he succeeds to evoke in an admirable way the aura of the famous Neapolitan opera singer known all over the world. I have tried in my interpretation to catch that magnificence that I perceive in the original version, like a work that does not need development but it stands just on the beauty of its melody.

Ancora is the song that made Eduardo De Crescenzo famous in 1981, it is pure energy shown off as a torrent in a flood after the verse begins.

Probably Bruno Martino would never have imagined in 1960 that Estate would have entered as part of the songbook of any jazzman! My version is intentionally deep-toned and dark, like the atmosphere rekindled by the words, unlike the title, that means “summer”, it recalls other image types.

Gino Paoli is an institution for Italian pop music: an untouchable monument. His successes of sixty years are DNA of any Italian… Sapore di Sale… La Gatta
Senza Fine means “without an end”: a forewarning sign of eternal success for this piece, written in 1961 and made famous by Ornella Vanoni. It has a melody that develops like a spiral in the air.

Almeno Tu Nell’Universo has a strange background. Written by Maurizio Fabrizio, a cultured and refined author, this song had a huge success in 1989 thanks to the voice of Mia Martini, full of passion and anguish. Recently, when Elisa, a rising pop star, interpreted it in a diametrically opposite way, playing on shadings and melodic references and with a voice reduced to the essentials, I was struck by a thunderbolt: I wanted to intensely absorb this very beautiful melody.

As I said before, usually I don’t sing.  –  Luigi Martinale (English translation by Patricia Lowe)





Format: CD, 4 panels paper sleeve mini-LP style / ALBCD-504
Artist: Luigi Martinale Trio
Title: Caruso / Jazzin’ Italian Standards
JAN: 4560312315040
Price: T.B.A.


Luigi Martinale (piano)
Stefano Risso (double bass)
Paolo Franciscone (drums)

Rec data:

Recorded at Cavò Studio, Azzano San Paolo (BG) – Italy, on December 28-29, 2004
Sound engineer: Paolo Filippi
Produced by Luigi Martinale

  1. Una domenica bestiale (Fabio Concato)
  2. Nel blu dipinto di blu – Volare (Domenico Modugno)
  3. Quando (Pino Daniele)
  4. In cerca di te (Eros Sciorilli)
  5. Caruso (Lucio Dalla)
  6. Ancora (Claudio Mattone)
  7. Estate (Bruno Martino)
  8. Senza Fine (Gino Paoli)
  9. Almeno tu nell’universo (Maurizio Fabrizio)